As a couple of people who have spent years travelling independently, booking things on our own and improvising to solve problems along the way, I now see the incredible impact of an experienced and professional travel agent can have on a trip. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome for our special 25th Anniversary trip to Peru. You were bang on with many of the choices and recommendations you made to us.

I'll try to pop in and thank you in person, but thought I'd get this note and picture off to you while I had a moment.

Warmest regards,
K and J

Alexa Von Tobel

CEO Finance Consult Manager

A very emotional experience. Thank you Iris Hami for leading this successful trip. The hotel, the food, the guide and the traveling and trip schedule including visiting significant places in Bahrain made this trip an experience which was perfectly orchestrated and adjusted according to limits and changes.
Thank you for all your efforts.

- Adi Yona

Alexa Von Tobel


Never could I have imagined the wonderful experiences that awaited me/us/before we began our trip.

James G

Neptune Manager

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